Tuesday, November 04, 2003

This week's Church Times arrived today, with Reform (a group within the Church of England that defines itself against things) saying it was pleased that it seemed the Primates of the Anglican Communion had finally realised that discussion of the issues surrounding the consecration of a gay bishop would help no one. Reform have long held that to have the discussion is to betray the truth, which is so clear from the Bible that no discussion is necessary.

Also this morning I found another apt quotation from Thomas Treherne, which runs counter to Reform's position: "Felicity doth open controversies, and vanquisheth Devils" (Select Meditations IV.19). Traherne sees the value and the spiritual depths of opening an argument in order to let the truth in and the devils out. This is a difficult operation, but may be the only way to lance the sore. Traherne, I think, is wiser than Reform.

I also found this on the Fulcrum website - an article by David Runcorn offering principles for discussing with those we differ. It is wise and helpful. It is open to the insight from Hooker that I posted yesterday, but not naive about the fact that there will be a resolution to every difference. It has much to teach me, and the church at large.

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