Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Make Poverty History scores an own goal

The Independent has this story which confirms what a number of us suspected. The white bands many of us wear are produced in less than good working conditions.

It's a fairly spectacular own goal, but nothing more. Hopefully Christian Aid, Cafod and Oxfam will think more carefully in future, and I hope they will continue to work with the factories concerned to improve conditions, rather than simply abandoning them.

When even MPH uses sweat shop labour, surely it becomes abundantly clear that we need better trade rules throughout the world!

Oxfam's response is here. Cafod have a statement here. Sadly, neither Christian Aid nor Make Poverty History have anything on their websites about this (that I can find anyway).

UPDATE (3rd June): Christian Aid have now got a page dated 2nd June which says that White bands can be bought with confidence. Shame it took so long for them to respond. Still nothing from MPH ...


Anonymous said...

well, obviously I could have put a link on my blog, but it's "unanonymous" enough as it is and that would REALLY blow my cover.
Try the website of Britain's best-selling quality daily and type in my name and it should come up fairly quickly. Or I can email it you and you can pull it apart!
That German thing sounds fab, by the way.

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