Friday, July 01, 2005

Jedi Job Creation

As refugees from the evil galactic empire, it seems that Jedi knights are being given asylum in Bristol. Yoda, for example, has a job writing signs for Bristol City Council.

When job you have none, what comes you must take.


Anonymous said...

Signs [by] which the late Mr Winston Churchill would presumably have been most upset [ <- ]

I wonder whether the honourable members of council are quite ready for the potential efficiency of this Force? and you know, in between sequels one has a living to earn....

Wasn't it St Paul who wrote, "He who will not work, shall not eat"?

I look forward to the consequences of Yoda's promotion in due course. :)

I believe there are antidiscriminatory policies to encourage minorities and migrants to take up the availability of training? At least signmaking is relatively harmless compared to the lost bus-drivers fiasco.

Hello Jedii: could you infiltrate the council-tax section next please. Preferably before next March :D

Nikki said...


And your new blog image pretty swish is!