Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Virtual Theology

Well, Paul and I spent this morning hurriedly trying to find a new venue for some informal theology seminars. Our original venue had pulled out (with good reason) leaving our Thursday kick-off without a home. We've now found one, which could well turn out to be an improvement! God is in the house.

So, cue fanfare, Simon Says proudly presents Vitual Theology - theology for everyone. There's an advert for this year's Summer School, The Bluffer's Guide to Christian Doctrine, and after Thursday's launch we hope to podcast the talks.

This is either a) very cool indeed or b) exceedingly frightening. Currently the latter is winning.

I'm actually very excited about Thursday - it should be great fun. If you're anywhere near Bristol come and play. The scarey bit is the technology. I now co-own a domain name and am shortly to learn how to podcast. Damn him, Paul has got me into this computer stuff.

Stay tuned ...

1 comment:

Rob said...

This looks cool - thanks.
I'm going to pass it tomy friends in Nailsea.