Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Greenbelt - the aftermath

Back from Greenbelt, if not recovered from the sleep deprivation. (The great thing about going without the youth group is that this year I was one of those getting told to shut up at 2.30am!.) Having resisted the urge to blog at Greenbelt (four times, Paul? What else did you do? :) ), I'll try to get my reflections in now.

Some highlights (in no particular order):

David Ford and Micheal O'Siadhail (pronounced Mee-Hawl O-Sheel) - superb pair of talks from a theologian and a poet, which restored some of my vision. Well worth downloading from the Greenbelt website!

Holy Ground - a fantastic piece of art. Shoes and stories from around the world. Apparently I am a 'hard Christian' because I wear DMs!

New Forms 2 - installation worship that has given me ideas. I particularly enjoyed the gazebo hung with pictures and quotations about Jesus.

The Organic Beer Tent - words cannot express...

Cricket - What a fantastic test match. A cheer went up around Greenbelt as England won. Can't wait for the final test.

Speaking - That's right, I am now a fully fledged Greenbelt speaker. Jacky and I stepped in to do a talk on 'Civil Partnerships? Gay Marriage?' when the original speaker didn't turn up. If I say so myself, we did quite well. Through this we also met Trevor and his partner, who are lovely people.

And of course the usual round of seeing friends we've not seen since, well, last Greenbelt at the earliest. A fantastic time.

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