Friday, September 16, 2005

Walking in Cornwall

Back from holiday - ten days walking the beautiful Cornish coast. We reckon to have done about 100 miles from the Devon-Cornwall border to Hayle. That's a good chunk of walking.
Me at the start

Porthcothan at sunset

We had some glorious weather, and when it wasn't glorious it was at least kind. We never walked in heavy rain, so that was OK. And the scenery was magnificent.

We also discovered that Buffy is wrong - the Hell mouth isn't in Sunnydale, California - it's on the north Cornwall coast. There's even a cafe at which we stopped for a hot chocolate ('Marshmallows with that, Mr Lucifer? Yes, terrible weather for Hell at this time of year').

The first few days were hard work, both because we were less fit and because the terrain was hard (lots of steep up and down). Most of our energies, mental and physical, went into putting one foot in front of the other. That was just what we needed - an enforced shutdown and lots of sleep. Oh, and I did my walking clothesline impression!

Other than that we won the Ashes! How fantastic was that? A great afternoon was spent in a pub in Perranporth watching that. Cornish cream teas, ice creams, plodging in the sea, beer, seafood, staying with my cousin, and various other ways to entertain ourselves. Finally we reached the end and came home. A great holiday.


Rosie said...

welcome back! That looks like a fab holiday

Nikki said...

Looking fit and suntanned in the pictures! Glad you had a good hol.