Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bach on the Beeb

The Radio Three Bach Christmas is superb. I've re-tuned most of the radios around the house so i listen to it at various points during the day.

Yesterday evening I was listening to the St John Passion while putting a service sheet together. On Saturday I heard a newly discovered Wedding cantata as I went to the post office to pick up a parcel. Today I've heard some of the Cello Suites in between meetings and preparation for Christmas services.

It's relaxing and beautiful music, and so much nicer to get up to than John Humphrys and the Today Programme. But what's really lovely in the build up to Christmas is listening to music with a deep Christian content and hearing announcers read the texts from the Gospels and the Bible in general on which cantatas are based.

It's the best Christmas present the BBC could have given me (well, Ok, the second best after 7pm on Christmas day).

This is why I pay the licence fee!


Anonymous said...

Bbc line-up between now and sunday lunch does look very impressive: York, Gloucs, leeds, King's College Cambridge, St Martin in the fields, Royal Albert Hall and the Queen's Speech, not forgetting Clifton :)

Oh sorry you might be a bit busy yourself then...

what a great thing is the video!

Kathryn said...

Absolutley. It has even converted my 13 year old...I'm woken most mornings by Bach pouring out of his bedroom, in welcome contrast to the more common VirginRadio, which I'm rarely ready for first thing. Sheer bliss :-)