Monday, December 05, 2005

SCM icons

As a student I was a member of the SCM, so on a visit to Bristol University Chaplaincy I was really pleased to discover these images.

SCM was never this cool in my day (perhaps there's a reason for that!). This has to be my favourite - for obvious reasons.

Thanks to Michelle for giving me a full set of the postcards.


darren said...

very cool, I'm supporting a scm gig here, just emailed the UK crew to see if the postcards were avail on electronic copy and if it were possible for us to use them for the chaplaincy here.

LIam Purcell said...

Hello - I'm the Co-ordinator at SCM and I drew the little people! Thanks for blogging us - it's nice to be famous.

I think we may have met before. Are you involved in MCU?