Thursday, December 01, 2005

Watch and Pray - World AIDS Day

Support World AIDS Day
This World AIDS Day is a day for watching and praying.

Watch - the leaders of the world and their promise to provide treatment for all who need it by 2010. Go to the Action Aid site and add your eyes to those watching. Apparently they'll go on tour later in the year.

Pray - for those with HIV/AIDS, for the leaders and those with the power to help, and for all who care for those who are ill or bereaved.

A Prayer of Hope from the Diakonia Council of Churches in South Africa

God of Hope,
all of us are affected by HIV/AIDS.
At this time of Advent Hope,
as we prepare for the coming of your son into this world
we give thanks for signs of hope.
For growing understanding,
for medical advances,
for changing attitudes and behaviour,
for greater awareness and concern in your church.
God of Unity,
bind us together with strong ties of love,
that your church may be a place where all can find acceptance,
may it be a place of welcome for all affected by HIV/AIDS.
May it be a place where care is given and received,
especially for affected children and youth,
where stories are told and heard,
where fear is overcome by love,
where you are to be found. Amen.

Update. At the sixth form where I am chaplain, the students put on a display, sold ribbons and took over 150 photographs of eyes to upload. Fantastic work by all!

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Gayle said...

like the action aid i am watching - circulated to my THT pals