Saturday, February 18, 2006


Today all the work of the past couple of weeks with stripping paper, hanging paper, sanding down, cleaning out, taking rubbish to the tip etc came together as painters descended. From top to bottom the house has been transformed. Ceilings, walls, cupboards, gloss work - all has been painted today, and it looks wonderful. I spent most of the day in the basement, and as I went to see someone upstairs I was gobsmacked at the difference from this morning.

So thank you, from both of us, to everyone who helped: Rob, Steve, Gayle, George, Sue, Jim, Helen, Katie, Debbie and Rob. Thanks also to Jo, Xavi and Sarah for letting Rob help, and to Charity for coming to the pub afterwards.

And thanks to those who've helped on other occasions: Rod, Jenny, Frank, Carolyn, Lindsey, Bea, Ruth and Heather.

You're all fantastic, and have made such a difference!

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