Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bristol Beer Festival

Thanks to Rob (who I could have sworn had goven up alcohol for Lent!) for getting tickets to the Bristol Beer Festival. Great fun - beers to sample, good company and an excellent night out. I was particularly fond of a beer from Durham called White Amarillo.

We sampled a few of the beers. The three of us who went had very different methods of choosing beers. Rob poured over the programme looking for the beers he knows, and more importantly the ones he didn't. He must read the programme about 25 times by the end. Lots of marks with the pen and scribbling went on.

My own selection process was rather less rigorous. A good write up or a North East beer stood a good chance of getting picked. Rob knows far more about beer than me, so I followed his guidance quite a bit. I wanted to mix up the types of beer I drank a bit, so would also choose by the colour of the beer in the glass.

Pete's selection process remains a mystery to me. He would disappear off and reappear with a beer, often different to the one that he said he was going for. All good, though.

By the time they rang last orders (actually a bloody great hooter), we'd sampled a good range of beers and all had different preferences, which seemed quite healthy really.

All in all, a great night out. Thanks again Rob!

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Rosie said...

what did he pour over the programme? Sorry, such a pedant, aren't I?