Friday, April 28, 2006

The Magician's Nephew

Last night we went to see The Magician's Nephew, performed by some very talented young people. The whole thing was a delight, from the silent movie at the beginning to the radio controlled hamster. The leads were excellent (including one whose hair I could envy!). But the whole cast were superb - during the interval they moved among the audience and stayed in character for the whole time. No mean feat! I particularly enjoyed the scene that they had improvised to facilitate set changes, which had some of the best comedy of the whole night.

All this and a thoroughly enjoyable story, well told and well acted. On last night's showing you wouldn't think it was one of CS Lewis' weaker tales!

If you're in the Bristol area, there are still a few tickets left for Sunday night. A must see.

As Aslan said, "Laugh and fear not"!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! but aaaggh, why did i not read this *yesterday* ?! helen :)