Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New strapline

It is reputed that Queen Elizabeth I once described SMR as "the fairest, goodliest and most famous parish church in England." It has adorned the church's literature ever since.

That is until today when we had a group of about 60 young people in church to sing a Roger Jones musical, Jerusalem Joy. Around rehearsal and performance, they explored the church. Some wrote in the book we keep open for people to write prayers in. In the book is the new strapline which I think we should add to all the church's publicity from here on in:

"It is a spectacular church and good for sining in".

Money can't buy advertising like that!!!


Kathryn said...

Simon,my youngest was one of the RSCM crew with you today. Had hoped to get to hear him myself (and say Hi in the process) but am now rather relieved...I would have hated to cramp his style!
Glad you are beginning to feel at home there.

John H said...

Good for singing in? Good for signing in? Or good for sinning in?

Nikki said...

fab! Glad young people are encouraged to tell it like it is at SMR. Have you encouraged them in the development fo their sinning?

Steve Tunnicliff said...

fantastic! how insightful of the young people!