Friday, May 26, 2006

School Services

The only Church of England secondary school in the diocese is right next door to our church, and they make good use of the connection. In the last two days I've led or spoken at two school services.

Yesterday was the full school Ascension Day eucharist. The church was packed to the rafters with over 1000 students and teachers. We had a wonderful brass group playing a fanfare to start. Five students led the service up to the peace, the choir sang beautifully and we had a student organist (who also plays for the church). Hats off to KT who preached to 1000 young people!

Today was a smaller affair, but probably more fun. The Year 13 (Upper VI in old money) leaving service was this morning. The songs were primary school ones (played in the style of Frank Sinatra). We had short speeches from the Senior Students, the Head of Sixth Form and the Head Teacher (as well as me); videos made specially for the service and the band played Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody in the 13th Century church was great!

It's a joy and a privilege to be involved in these things. It's a great opportunity as well.

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Did you talk about Churchianity or did you talk about Christianity?