Saturday, June 17, 2006

The best online quiz ever

Blogs seem awash with online quizzes. And the worst thing is that they're often reported with great seriousness - I am an emerging Christian; the theologian I am most like is Moltmann; I'm only 23% evangelical, isn't that great?/what happened? (delete as applicable). Come on people, get a life.

But finally, a quiz you can believe in - What Dr Who monster are you? The same annoyingly unsubtle questions, but this time no need to agonise about how much you agree with the statement 'God loves all people equally', no need to decide how much guilt to feel over disagreeing with the statement 'I feel closest to God in the supermarket'. No, this time you can cheerfully assent to statements like 'I am always right and will destroy anyone who disagrees'; 'everyone should be like me or be eliminated'; and 'I use fear as a weapon'. Liberals and conservatives alike can rejoice in this freedom to be themselves. Peace will finally come to the galaxy.

Oh, and I'm a Dalek btw. Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate ...

You scored as Dalek. You hate people, and want to destroy the human race. You are intelligent, but have few emotions. Unlike Cybermen, they are there, but when confronted by a great power (ie. the Doctor), it is fear that you feel.





Clockwork people


Gas mask person






Attacking Santa Claus


What Dr Who monster are you?
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Gareth said...

Try this quiz:

You'll never finish your work once you've started the quiz.

Caroline said...

so, gareth, do you happen to have the answers too? now I'[m addicted but still can't get past the mid 50's :)

Phil C said...

I got caught on the cusp of Dalek and Christmas Tree monster. It all depended on whether I loved Christmas or world domination. No contest.

I need to see The Christmas Invasion to find out how to dress. I can have a wild guess, though.