Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Fever

It started yesterday with a phone call from Radio Bristol - did I mind coming to a school in St George to do my thought for the day, and could I do it on a football theme?

Being an obliging chap I did what was asked. A small gathering on a bit of grass behind the school (the glamour!) was the Radio Bristol morning show. They interviewed people with names similar to England footballers and I got talking to a couple of women who wrote an England football anthem (check out their video!). It was inspired, they said, by vodka and Trivial Pursuit.

On a bright sunny morning, what could be nicer than to pull on shorts (just be thankful it was radio) and sunglasses and talk about God and football.

Incidentally, my prediction for the world cup is Brazil. England could do really well and the Ivory Coast are the dark horses to watch out for.

Now watch them all go out in the first round.

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