Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Winge

When you have an eight months pregnant wife and England are playing their first game in the world cup it seems obvious to try and find a pub that is showing the match but that also has a no-smoking area.

Finding such a pub, however, is another matter.

Several pubs in the center of Bristol advertise outside that they have no-smoking areas. But go inside and ask where it is and you'll be told that there isn't one today because of the football. Or there is one, but they haven't got any screens showing the football in the non-smoking area. Most at least had the decency to look a bit sheepish when telling an obviously pregnant woman that she (effectively) wasn't welcome. One decided I was being rude when I asked why they had stopped having a no-smoking area just for today.

Roll on 2007 when this filthy and selfish habit will be banished outdoors.


charity said...

Oh Joseph and Mary keep knocking....!
Why didnt they just put the smokers outside with a big screen which they did in just about every other city in this useless country?

Francis said...

Hmm. One or two thoughts:

"Winge" should have read "Whinge".

If England were playing their first game in the World Cup and you were an English football-fan, it seems obvious that you should have spent the afternoon in bed with your head under the pillow, rather than cruising the streets of Bristol with an eight months pregnant wife.

However, if you or your wife were brave or stupid enough to want to watch the match, but you didn't want to have to inhale other people's smoke while watching it, you could easily have watched it either on your own television or on that of a non-smoking friend.

"center" should have read "centre", unless you're American, which I happen to know you're not.

Smoking is neither filthy nor selfish. It is, however, extremely addictive, very expensive and very damaging to the health of those who do it. Those who smoke should be encouraged and helped to stop smoking, not vilified and insulted.

Non-smokers who slag off smokers are self-righteous, smug and inhumane.