Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The return of the Bluffers Guide

It's back and this time it's heresy!

Can you tell a heresiarch from ten paces? Do you have problems distinguishing docetism from donatism? Fancy some conspiracies that Dan Brown hasn’t got to (yet)? Do you just fancy being able to call people ‘heretics’ with authority? Or do you secretly fancy being a heretic yourself? If so, then the Bluffers Guide to Heresy is for you.

What exactly is heresy? Is it dangerous, or healthy? Do old heresies die out, or just come back again and again, like persistent weeds? What should we do with heretics? Burn them or make them Bishops?

13th September Gnosticism – Heavenly conspiracy theories

20th September Marcionism – Cut-down Christians?

27th September Pelagianism – Copying other heresies?

4th October Donatism – Splitters!

The Paul and Simon show returns, Wednesday evenings at the Bristol Folkhouse (just off Park Street).

The talk will be begin on the dot at 7:30pm on each of the evenings. At 9:30 the talk will end and there'll be a relocation to the nearest decent pub.

The evenings will be podcast on virtualtheology.net, available as soon as we get to it.Last year's Bluffer's Guide to Theology talks can also be downloaded from virtualtheology.net.


the displaced canuck said...

I'm excited about the return of the Bluffer's Guide. My wife and I have been listening to the postcasts here in America. I wish we could be there to sit in on the lectures. Blessings on as you tackle heresy!

the displaced canuck said...

I'm just curious if you're going to post the podcast from the October 4th, Donatism – Splitters! I've been looking forward to hearing it.

William said...

are you going to do some more this fall (07). I have listened to all the past ones and very much enjoy them.