Tuesday, January 09, 2007

He's not the Messiah ...

Just back from a deanery chapter retreat in Glastonbury, where Christianity nestles between homeopathy and Goddess (at least it did in one bookshop I went into - and that was the one the mentioned Christianity!).

We were watching films (or at least long extracts from them) which was both fun and full of insight. On Monday night we watched the Life of Brian which is always entertaining. I seem to spot new things every time I watch it (the Chariots of the Gods insert baffled me for ages until I worked it out!).

But it struck me yesterday that, despite all the fuss at the time it came out, these days only Christians (or ex-Christians) can hope to get the jokes. The secular world simply doesn't know the story well enough to get the basic jokes, never mind the digs at liberal exegesis, Eric van Daeniken, first century history etc.

Will the same be true of Jerry Springer: The Opera in 20 years time?

The Life of Brian remains essential viewing for all Christians.

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