Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines and broken hearts

This morning was in school presiding at a Eucharist for Valentines day. The students had put the service together brilliantly, including cutting lots of pieces of bread into heart shapes. What a great idea!

When it came to the breaking of the bread, all I could think of was the mess in the Anglican Communion at present and how it must break the heart of God.

But then, isn't the eucharist the place to find the heart of God broken to heal us?

Thank you to all the students who taught me something this morning.


charity said...


Gareth said...

Very interesting idea.

I especially like it because while it is Sacramentally acceptable, it would challenge so many people's conceptions. It's a simple idea that turns perception of the Eucharist on its head.

Just a minute... is that bread unleavened...?