Monday, August 20, 2007

Professional Salvation?

The 'blurb' on some books can stimulate as many ideas as the content.

I'm reading The Redemption, a collection of papers from a 'Redemption Summit'. The papers are on the whole superb, and bursting with ideas.

However, on the back there is a quotation from a review of the book: "I would recommend this book highly to all involved professionally in the study of redemption".

Who, I wonder, does this refer to?

Theologians? Certainly.

Clergy? Well, we're supposed to point those in our care to the redeemer.

All Christians? What else are Christians if not students of redemption?

I'm just not sure I would recommend a book this technical to all my parishioners!

And, incidentally, a search for 'Redemption' on Amazon produces 1326 results.

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Felix Grant said...

Good to see you back on the air - you've been missed.