Saturday, January 05, 2008

A New Year Question

'Uncle Simon, were the dinosaurs before or after Adam and Eve?'

A good question, that only a six year old could ask.

How to respond?

Option 1 - 'Well the dinosaurs were creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago, while Adam and Eve are characters in a story to tell us that God made us, and that we messed up God's good creation. So they're not really before or after the dinosaurs.'

This is not a good answer to a six year old. Response shelved.

Option 2 - 'That's a good question. Let me talk to your Dad and get back to you.'

The coward's way out, which naturally I took.

Option 3 - 'Before'

Mummy's voice from the kitchen. The right answer.


Gareth said...

If you wanted to be strictly Literal, "A few hours before, but on the same day..."

Claire said...

Haha - came across this - that is SUCH a 6 year old question. My favourite from Daniel - 'Was Pilate a goodie or a baddie?'.

Kristin Z said...

Hi Simon, I really liked your simon says site. About science and faith: When I put our 5 year old to bed the other day, he told me about one of his friends "who believed in science." But, my son told me, "there can be different truths."