Thursday, August 20, 2009

Car Crash

Last week someone ran into the back of my car. No injuries, just dents to bumpers (actually the car that ran into me came off worse than that).

And the driver couldn't have been nicer about it (bar stopping before he hit my car). I went home and made a cup of tea. His insurance company had phoned me to make arrangements for my car to be fixed before I'd finished it.

This morning my car was picked up to be repaired, I was taken and provided with a courtesy car for the meantime.

And then I had to spend nearly two hours on the phone to my insurance company and their underwriters, just so they could do nothing.

Ho, hum ...

1 comment:

Gareth said...

You could at least have given the nice man an Indulgence. (Or is it only Our Lot who do that?)