Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mystery Worshipped

The letter arrived on Tuesday, just in time for staff meeting - "You have been blessed by a visit from The Mystery Worshipper".

I won't pretend we didn't wonder which service had been visited (and I was a bit worried that it would have been when we had to explain our swine flu precautions!).

Well, the write-up is now on the Ship of Fools website, and we come out quite well. 8/10 for the service and 9/10 for the preaching. The service visited was our annual Rush Sunday service, complete with Lord Mayor and City Council, rushes on the floor and posies in our hands. All good fun, and nice to see it contributing to the glorious collection on board the Ship. Thanks to 'Traveller' for his thoughtful account, it is circulating around folk here with a view as to how we might do it even better next year!

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Anonymous said...

It's just a shame that York is so far away!