Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Greenbelt 2009

So that was Greenbelt - a fantastic weekend of music, worship, talks and hanging out. I never fail to come back from GB with new ideas and resources.

This year the theme was 'Standing in the Long Now' - an encouragement to take the long view, and to slow down. There was also a lot made of what seems to be Greenbelt's commitment to the Palestinian people in the midst of the conflict there.

Some highlights for me:

1. Piles of Rice - these were in the Christian Aid tent and were done by a theatre company. They really brought to life the huge statistics that we hear in the news. It also had a sense of humour.

2. Fischy music - children's music that is very rich and engaging. But mostly because the boy loved it and danced and sang and came back for more.

3. Gene Robinson - I went because I thought I ought to go and hear him, and found him a gracious man even if I don't always agree with him.

4. Temple Theology - for my inner theology nerd.

5. The Elbow Bump of Peace - dealing with Swine Flu and keeping a sense of humour (although dropping communion entirely seemed to drop the sense of perspective).

6. A concert of music by John Tavener - heavenly.

7. Friends - GB is a good time to catch up (and sadly all too often the only time).

8. The Messy Tent - does what it says on the tin. Change of clothes for the boy please ...

9. Giggles - The girl had a great time and resisted sleep at every turn (including last night back at home!).

10. Random Art - every where you turn there's something else. I particularly enjoyed the burning bush.

Planning next year's trip already.

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