Saturday, November 14, 2009


I collect versions of Leonard Cohen's song 'Halleluia'. Cohen's own version is superb, and there is a fantastic cover of it by Jeff Buckley on his album 'Grace'. I also find Bono's cover of it has really grasped the song. Needless to say the X-Factor cover of it last Christmas was a self-promoting travesty. And, sadly, the version that is on the soundtrack of Shrek is too relentlessly upbeat, and so fails to do it justice.

But tonight I discovered a choral arrangement of the song, first used at St Paul's Cathedral, which is truly excellent. I confess to being a bit nervous when I saw it on the programme, but it really was good.

A new version for the collection, and a bit of help with tomorrow's sermon!

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Felix said...

I thought k.d. lang's version(s) wonderful. And hearing it sung by a Scottish folk singer (alas, I have lost the name) at a festival on Skye was a close second.