Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year, New ...

1. New Year, New ... Years Resolutions.
I'm rubbish at these, but I do make a few - largely fresh attempts to do things I think I should be doing already.

2. New Year, New ... Doctor.
I cried at the 10th Doctor's demise. But number 11 (Matt Smith) looks really exciting. Roll on the new series.

3. New Year, New ... School.
The boy starts school in September. The first stress is waiting to see which school he gets into. Parental choice? Certainly doesn't feel that way.

4. New Year, New ... Roles.
As of 1st January I am a member of the Bishop's Council. I'm also starting to work as a Vocations Advisor for the Diocese. All good fun.

5. New Year, New ... Plans.
There are rumours that the Bluffer's Guide may ride again, and the Bible in an Hour may be back. Watch this space!

6. New Year, New ... Organ.
Well, technically restored organ. But the organ begins to return in February and will be re-dedicated in November. Probably the biggest forthcoming event at church this year.

7. New Year, enough new stuff.
Plenty of the old stuff to do as well. Onward and ... well, onward anyway.

Happy New Year.

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