Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Silence is one of the important elements of my life, especially my spiritual life (whatever that is). So here are some more or less random reflections on why I find silence valuable:

  • Silence is listening carefully and patiently for the voice of God
  • Silence is opening myself to the love, call and judgement of God
  • Silence is the best way of expressing the otherness (the holiness) of God
  • Silence is rooting myself here and now
  • Silence is attention to the present
  • Silence is the prayer of God within me
  • Silence is a pause from the frenetic business of life
  • Silence is being vulnerable
  • Silence is difficult
  • Silence is carving out space for God
  • Silence is waiting to see what will happen
  • Silence sometimes leads me into sleep
  • Silence needs practice
  • Silence is something I need
  • Silence is a discipline
  • Silence means quieting all my agendas, my hopes, fears, wants and stuff
  • Silence is an acknowledgment that I might have some things badly wrong
  • Silence is uncurling
  • Silence is giving up defensiveness
  • Silence is basking in the presence of God
  • Silence is letting go

Update Interesting post on silence on BBC website and I commend the Cage against the Machine campaign for your edification

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