Thursday, September 03, 2015

Speech on Women Bishops - Opposing an amendment

From General Synod Reports of Proceedings, July 2013, p. 168:

Revd Canon Dr Simon Taylor (Derby): 
I realize that this makes all too apparent divisions within the diocese of Derby and I trust that those relations can stand this – and, Peter, I will buy you a drink later! – but I wish to oppose my colleague’s amendment, and I do so as a new member of this Synod, elected after the debacle of last November. I wish to oppose because relying on this old legislation does not speak of what many have described as a new start, a new way of taking this proposal forward. The 1993 Act of Synod is not the basis of anything new. It carries far too much of the baggage that the Archbishop of Canterbury in his presidential address urged us to ditch, and I urge Synod to reject it.

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