Thursday, September 03, 2015

Question to the Church of England Pensions Board

From General Synod Reports of Proceedings, July 2014 pp. 343-5:

The Revd Canon Dr Simon Taylor (Derby):

Like Mark Barker, my parents retired to a Shared Ownership house. Unlike his father, I fear my parents had a less good experience. Two questions, if I may. Firstly, will there be a continuing consultation with clergy involved in the CHARM Scheme to monitor its success? Secondly, are there plans for a proper consultation along the lines of the one that has just been done on the CHARM Scheme for the Shared Ownership
Scheme, because I certainly would be very interested in seeing that given a similarly thorough treatment? 
Dr Jonathan Spencer (Ex officio):
On Simon Taylor's two questions, will we undertake continuous consultation on the implementation of new arrangements? Yes,
certainly, as I said, these are quite big changes. There is bound to be a question of getting them to settle down and embed them and we will want feedback from users of the Scheme, both established and new ones, as
to how it is working out in practice. We will encourage that. We will also, I have no doubt, set up some monitoring arrangements once we get stuck in. 
As to a review of the Shared Ownership Scheme, yes, we will do that in due course, but I think the priority for the housing team's attention over the next 18 months is to get the new arrangements for the Rental Scheme which, as I said, is much the bigger in terms of current operations. The priority must be to get the new arrangements for the Rental Scheme properly settled down and embedded before we conduct another review, but we will in due course.

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