Thursday, December 24, 2015

Advent Hymn: Advent Calendar Day 26

The short meditations on the O Antiphons that I have posted since 17th December combine to form an Advent hymn.  It can be sung to the tune CaelitesPlaudiant (which is more normally used for the hymn ‘Christ the Fair Glory’).

I have taken the opportunity to edit the verses since my original posts.

God’s Word and Wisdom come, stay among us always,
Teach us to live in tune with all creation,
From cradle to the cross, show the way you made us:
Grain of the universe.

God of your people come, save us by your presence,
Lead us through wilderness, exile and addiction,
Fulfil your promise, free us from what binds us:
Lord God of Israel.

Seed from the Sower come, plant in us your harvest,
Grow in our lives, we pray, fruits of your Spirit,
Form us from good soil, fruitful and productive:
Root of the tree of life.

Key to the kingdom come, break the locks that seal our hearts,
Free our compassion, challenge our indifference,
Help us to welcome strangers and the outcast:
Neighbour and our Servant Lord.

Sun always burning come, dawn upon us daily,
Judge us with mercy, teach us in our ignorance,
Lead us through darkness, to the life eternal:
Ever-burning Fire of Love.

King of the Nations come, bring an end to all our wars,
Undo injustice, repair the world we share,
With those we try to harm, reconcile and bless us:
Prince of Peace and Judge of all.

Christ born among us come, take our flesh and live in us,
Forgive our selfishness, heal our wounds and brokenness, 
Transform our lives and hearts, show forth your salvation:
Jesus, Emmanuel.

© Simon J. Taylor, 2015

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