Saturday, December 12, 2015

Success in Paris. Advent Calendar Day 14

The Paris Summit has reached an agreement.  Praise be.  It is a moment of hope, there are continuing concerns, and there is work still to be done.

It is a moment for hope:
  • Nearly 200 countries have reached an agreement.  This is not an insignificant feat of diplomacy.
  • The agreement aims for a lower temperature than the 2 degrees that was seen as the absolute maximum before the summit began.
  • There is broad agreement between rich and poor, developed and developing.

There are continuing concerns:
  • The pre-Paris pledges take the temperature rise to 2.7 degrees.  Still too high.
  • This agreement has to go back to places where climate change denial is still mainstream politics like the United States.  Shameful, but true.

There is work to be done:
  • This agreement should mark the beginning of campaigns to meet the goals and even to better them.  Ed Miliband is going to work for zero emissions from the UK. We need to keep the pressure on.
  • Investment in non-carbon energy needs to increase.
  • The nature of human interaction with the planet needs continued attention, prayer and reflection.

Tonight is a time for hope and for determination.  Thank God for what has been achieved.  Pray for what has yet to be done.

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