Monday, August 01, 2016

Imitation and Scapegoats

My copies of this just arrived today.  Very exciting.

It was a challenge I set myself to look at what Girard might have to offer those involved in pastoral ministry, rather than great geo-political issues.  I think there is much to be drawn out of Girard at the more personal level.  I tried it out at the Diocese of Derby's Clergy Conference last year, and there seemed to be enough to it to be worth writing up.

The writing brought new ideas in using Biblical exegesis and case studies to flesh out Girard's theories.  There are also questions for thought or discussion.  I hope it will prove both interesting and useful.

Thanks to all at Grove, who have done a great job with this.  The cover is very pleasing!

I will add a link when it is up on the Grove site to buy (it is already available at ubiquitous non-tax paying online retailers).

There will be a launch event on Holy Cross Day (14th September) in Derby Cathedral Cafe.  More details to follow.

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